Cost of Dental Implant in Delhi India

Cost of dental implant

Dental implants have become a common mode of treatment to replace teeth now-a-days. However, still Dental implants are considered very expensive procedures by most of the people. This is not true. Dental Implants are in fact a very economical and cost effective procedure. Now you would think, How? Let me explain you.

In case of a single missing tooth the treatment options available are either a fixed partial denture or a dental implant. In case of a fixed partial denture, the new tooth is replaced with a bridge work wherein the two teeth which are absolutely normal are grinded to allow a metal ceramic crown to fit over them which will support the new tooth, hence a minimum of three unit bridge is made. At times it is possible that one will require root canal therapy in the two adjacent teeth (if not at the initial bridge work may be aafter a few years of usage when secondary decay sets in). Hence two root canal therapies are also required. So if you calculate the cost of the treatment. 3 unit bridge work @Rs. 3000= Rs. 9000/- plus the cost of two root canal treatment @Rs. 3000/- = Rs.6000/-

A total of Rs. 9000/- +Rs. 6000/-= Rs. 15000/-

Now the bridge constructed can have issues over a period of time and several studies have shown that such a bridge might need replacement for at least three times in a patient’s life. If not three let us consider two times the bridge needs to be replaced. Let us add up Rs. 9000/- the initial cost of the bridge work.

So total one spends on the bridge work = 15000/-+ Rs.9000/-= Rs. 24000/-

In addition to this one will also lose a natural tooth which initially had no problem+ the maintenance charges (scaling charges Rs. 1500/- or more) so total expenditure goes above Rs. 24000/-+Rs.1500/- =Rs.25, 500/-

On the other hand an implant will cost you Rs. 25,000/- only which would last for a lifetime and does not require any grinding of adjacent teeth.  Also the dental implant preserve the bone, does not allow the bone to resorb.

So, which is more economical implant or a bridge? The decision is yours.

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2013 Customer Service Award


Issued: 22nd February 2013

The Dental Health Clinic, A centre for dental Implants in Delhi Scoops Top Customer Service Award based on extensive independent feedback from users.

THE DENTAL HEALTH CLINIC, NEW DELHI, INDIA was awarded a top industry customer service award this week, based on feedback from customers over a twelve month period. Only clinics that have an excellent record of service and superiorsatisfaction record are awarded the annual title of Customer Service Award Winner. Customers rated clinics based on how well the clinic treated them, how quickly they were contacted and seen, and how happy they were with the treatment.
Dr. Manish Juneja today said; “We are delighted that our customers have been so positive in their feedback. We do put a lot of effort in to ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care, from the moment they pick up the phone, not just when they come to see us. We are delighted that this has been recognised by which leads the way in helping patients find, review and choose the best clinics all over the world.” CEO Caelen King congratulated THE DENTAL HEALTH CLINIC and said “These awards are based on real customer feedback, over many months. We empower over 12 million people every year to make informed decisions about the treatment and service they need.”
He went on to say: “Patient care in the elective treatment sector is radically changing. We believe that transparency around treatment and respect for the customer is key to the future of all medical treatments, from a simple dental filling to cosmetic procedures, to advanced fertility or oncology treatments. We honour clinics who take this approach with these awards.”
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Immediate esthetic temporary fixed bridge

It is a great concern for the patients who do not find them fitting into the single stage immediate implant surgery treatment plan. These patients want immediate replacement of teeth and sometimes the quality and quantity of their bone does not allow them to go for the single stage implant surgery (refer my previous blog). In such patient we can offer an immediate esthetic temporary fixed bridge which can be used for the time the implant are submerged in the gums to heal.
This kind of bridge is made by matching the shade of the patients teeth and does not appears artificial.
Please have a look below to under stand what I just meant.

I hope this will bring some new information to you all.

Dr. Manish Juneja
BDS, MDS, DNB, Cert. Oral Implantology
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I am looking for a single stage dental Implant in Delhi, Can you help?


This is a very often asked question by my patients. They are very much right at asking such a question. Of course it saves them, Time and money to visit me back from their country far away. It also saves them from the second stage surgery. But my Answer to such a question most of the time is “Let me decide upon this”.
I am also been told that so and so dentist told that we can do the single sitting implants in his/her case, why am I not sure about it. Well, single stage implants are surely advantageous over the two stage implants as they avoid the second surgery and gives patient a tooth immediately. However, as I said it is the decision best made by the oral implantologist. As an oral implantologist, I look into several factors before giving a single stage dental implant.

These factors are:
1. The first and the most important- Did I achieve a good fixation in the bone. If the answer is Yes, We can go for single stage dental implants.
2. Quality and quantity of Bone – A dense bone permits to achieve good fixation and hence is most favorable. Also if the area where the implant is to be fixed, if the quantity of bone is deficient, bone grafting may be required, in which case single stage implant may not be desirable. Hence dense and sufficient bone is the key.
3. Medical conditions – like osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism, diabetes, radiation therapy are some of the common problems which can cause delayed/impaired wound healing and hence jeopardize the success of dental implants. A controlled status is a must.
4. Habits –Bruxism/Clenching of teeth are the habits which produce excessive biting forces and again are very harmful for the survival of implant. Hence, Bruxism is considered as a possible contraindication for immediate/single stage implants. Apart from bruxism, smoking is another habit which is related to high failure rates. It is thus not advisable to do single stage implant, in fact even two stage implants unless the patient is ready to quit smoking for at least 15 days prior to and 15 days after the surgery.
5. Last but not the least a good implant- threaded and surface coated implants give the best results.
Thus a dentist can assess these parameters and tell you whether you are a good candidate for single stage or not. Many times it is difficult to say until the surgery is over and hence No promises are made for single stage dental implants.
The Bottom line: Let the oral implantologist/dentist, decide if you are a good candidate for single stage or not.

Dr. Manish Juneja

BDS, MDS, DNB, Cert Oral Implantology
Oral Implantologist
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Dental Implants-How better are they than an ordinary denture

Dental Implants are way better than normal dentures or a fixed partial denture. The most beneficial outcome of dental implants is they feel like natural teeth. As the forces directed are directly borne by the underlying bone, the denta implants feel exactly like natural teeth. Moreover, the chewing forces are also comparable to natural teeth and much higher than the dentures. Dental implants also help prevent reduction of the natural teeth. For more info visit
Dr. Manish Juneja, B.D.S., M.D.S, D.N.B., Cert Oral Implantology
Oral Implantologist
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