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Dr. Manish Juneja
BDS, MDS, DNB, Cert Oral Implantology
Oral Implantologist
Mob. no. 00-91-7838386006
E mail: drmanishjuneja@dentalimplantsclinicdelhi.com
All testimonials have been typed for ease of reading, the original testimonials in the patients own handwriting can be found at the end of each testimonial
" The best decision I made" - Sam Starr, Spain
I had left my teeth completely abandoned without going to the dentist for a number of years which also left me with numerous dental problems. Finally plucking up the courage to sort these problems out, I wanted to find a dentist that I could be comfortable with and above all – trust. After a lot of searching I came across “The Dental Health Clinic” and inquired about possible treatment. Right from the emails Dr.Manish was very helpful and specific in detail. No pressure was put on me and after a few months I confirmed my decision to come to the clinic. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I made. Coming to the clinic for treatment such as root canals, crowns and an implant I was a little more than nervous, but through the great care provided my nerves were soon settled. Just as expected from a dental clinic, the work area was clean and all equipment properly sterilized. At no point did I feel confused about my treatment as everything was explained to me step by step and I was made to feel as comfortable as possible with little pain experienced. Dr. Manish is passionate about his work and is committed on giving complete care to the patient. He exceeds expectations and goes out of his way to help, putting the patients needs as his number one priority. For me it was definitely worth traveling around the world by myself for a dentist that goes the extra mile, providing excellent quality and service. I am very thankful to Dr. Manish and Dr. Neha for both their care towards me as a patient and as a person. I look forward to seeing them again in a few months time. Click here  to see the original testimonial in patient's own handwriting.
Testimonial from Mr. Wayne Jolley, Canada
Testimonial from Mr. Ebrahim Wahab, City of Portland, United States of America
I consider myself fortunate to have across Dr. Manish Juneja. Finding a doctor that can be trusted is not easy. I went through my share of looking and searching for a dentist that was competent and trustworthy.
From the beginning, before I ever met Dr. Juneja I was impressed by his ability to communicate effectively, explain concepts clearly, express his knowledge and confidence in his correspondence.
Dr. Juneja was always there to address any concerns I may have had. Essentially, before I ever met him in New Delhi, he had made me feel comfortable and "at home".
After I met him at his clinic in New Delhi, he was very personable, friendly and articulate. His clinic is clean. He works methodically, efficiently. He uses lots of care and is concern with the well being of his patient (me).
I think he is very talented. I never doubted his ability to do the best. He fixed me up with great implants, for a very reasonable price, and with lots of courtesy.

Would I come back as a return customer?

Yes I would.

Do I recommend him to my friends?

Yes I will.
Click here to see the original testimonial in patient's own handwriting
                                                                                          "Darrylle Stafford from Costa a Rica"



From the moment I first made contact with Dr. Juneja to my final appointment I found him to be kind, efficient, intelligent and a highly skilled professional. His clinic is immaculate and outfitted with the latest technology. He kept me informed of the procedure every step of the way and the entire process was completely free of pain or discomfort. In fact, he is so physically charming with such a beautiful personality that it is a pleasure just to be in his presence. He is now much more than my dentist. He is a friend, and I feel blessed to have him in my life. :-D

Click  here  to see the original testimonial
                                                                                    "Lisa from California, United states of America"


Testimonial from Dennis Gilbert from Florida, Tampa, United States of America
Came in to have my teeth checked the doctor explained to me what my problem was, and what was need to be done. he performed beyond my expectation. provided proper cleaning, filling and a much needed root canal. upon my arrival i advised the doctor that i hate visiting dentist because of my fear of pain, to my surprise i received very little pain, almost pain free. once again thanks a million Dr. Manish for a job well done and I promise that when I am in new Delhi again I will come and visit you and your staff.  Click  here see the Original testimonial
Testimonial from Mr. S.P. Pahuja, Branch Manager State Bank of India

Testimonial from Miss Divya Kumar, London
                                                                           "Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Deed"- Miss Divya Kumar, London
I was visiting India for a vacation this time and had it in mind to get my teeth leveled, scaled and polished. Before visiting the clinic, I did go through the website which looked very appealing, once I came to the clinic, the doctor (Manish Juneja) seemed to be very friendly with a good understanding of the subject. There was a thorough checkup of the mouth and I was suggested for scaling and leveling of my front 2 teeth. Both scaling and polishing were done really well and completed in one go, which avoided the hassle of my returning back to the clinic time and again. Doctor did show me the ways the tooth get affected and what exactly plaque was.Knowledge about the subject was also shared, which is much appreciated.
Following this, leveling of my teeth was also done to my complete satisfaction. I am happy that I visited this clinic and much kudos to the doctor for being "Gentle in manner, Resolute in Deed". All the Best! Divya. To see the testimonial in patient's own handwriting please click  here 
                                                                                                        Testimonial from Captain Rishiraj, Agra
Testimonial from Captain Rishi Raj

I am more than obliged and happy to be under Dr. Manish. Most importantly his affable nature and consistent approach towards the patient and his problem i.e. one thing which stand him apart from the plethora of dental shop and dentist. His friendly and sapient advice made him more a respectable professional as well as a dear friend. I have visited him twice in two month because of different problem and every time went out of clinic more content and satisfied to the core. I am all compliments & applaud for Dr. Manish both for professional and personal front & wish him a great future ahead & I am sanguine enough that a lot more compliments are on way for the splendid work he puts up as well as humane & friendly nature of his. To read the original testimonial read here.

                                                                                                        Testimonial from Mrs. Priya
                                                                                     Testimonial from Mrs. Priya        

Thanks Dr. Manish & Dr. Neha for being so understanding, gentle & friendly. I used to have jitters thinking of a dental clinic, but you changed my attitude towards it by making me so comfortable. The  RCT's done were so smooth & wouldn't forget how much pains you took in that extraction. Love the way you explain & share the entire procedure and always take time to listen to the patient. Just always be like this :) Wish you great success in your career & thanks again for addressing concerns the way you do! To see the original testimonial in patients own handwriting please click  here to see the original testimonial
Mr. Dinesh Bhatt, New Delhi
              It has been a wonderful experience here. Before coming to Dr. Manish Juneja's clinic I had been to a reputed hospital in south Delhi and from there my dental ordeal started. I was desperately looking for some real professional and after a thorough search over the net I contacted Dr. Juneja. There are quiet few remarkable things about him and his wife Dr. Neha Juneja:
1.They are thorough professionals and treat their patients with utmost care, understanding and share with the patient about the procedures that puts the patient immediately at ease. This is natural to them and there is nothing artificial.
2. They have “state of the art” equipments & they keep themselves subject wise & technologically updated.
3. Finally and most importantly they are wonderful persons I wish the couple a lot success and very good future. Dinesh Bhatt New Delhi 31/8/2011. To see the original testimonial in patients own handwriting please click  here  to see the original testimonial
Testimonial from Mrs Jhaj, USA

Sanitized High Tech Clinic attentive  assistant and personal one to one service is what you expect from this boutique dental practice. I have had a lot of bad dental experiences and have always been afraid of the dentists. Dr. Manish was extremely gentle and asked several times how I was doing. Even before the process the communication was excellent. above all, my dentist in USA and Dr. Manish communicated well before doing the procedure. This was one of the most informed and lest painful dentist appointment I have had in recent times. I highly recommend The Dental Health Clinic. To see the original testimonial in patients own handwriting please click  here to see the original testimonial
Mr. Qasim,  from Afghanistan


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