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What is an Overdenture?

An over denture is a type of denture which is supported over an tooth or a dental implant.

Many times a isolated tooth which is present in the lower jaw is used to  support an denture. It is not advised to remove the tooth unless the tooth is really in a bad state. Immediately after removal of tooth the jaw bone starts resorbing thus the tooth is not removed and is used for supporting the denture. This technique also provides better stability and support to the denture and patient comfort.

 In certain case where the no teeth are present and the patient wants a denture, in such case two , four or five implants are inserted in the jaw bone and used to support the lower denture. This is called as implant supported overdenture.

These types of dentures are advised to those patients:

-Who do not have sufficient bone in the back region of the jaw for implant placement but have sufficient bone in the front region of the jaw.

-Who do not want to spend more money on fixed denture and still want a good denture
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