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                                                        Maintenance of Dental Implants

Amongst the many factors that can be related to the success of dental implants, one factor is how well it is been taken care of by the patient.

Meticulous care is more important for dental implants than the natural tooth

Below are certain IMPORTANT KEY points to maintain the dental implants:

1.      Brush twice daily with a low abrasive dentifrice (tooth paste)

2.      Floss once daily

3.      Use of chlorexidine mouthwash is highly recommended at least once daily in absence of any disease.

4.      Use of interproximal/interdental brushes is encouraged. It should be used with caution without putting undue pressure over the gums.

The bottom line is there should be no accumulation of plaque/deposits around the implants, which  can be maintained by proper hygiene following the above instructions carefully.
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