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What are Immediate Dental Implants?
Immediate dental implants are those which are inserted immediately into the extraction socket after removal of the root stump/ the decayed unrestorable tooth.
What are Advantages of Immediate dental Implants?
- Immediate dental implants provide the benefit of preserving the bone. By inserting the dental implant the bone is prevented from resorbing.
- Immediate dental implants also help in restoring the lost smile back immediately and thus building up the patients confidence. However it may not be always possible to give a temporary crown over the immediate implant in all situations.
- It prevents added surgical procedures of bone grafting and hence are beneficial cost wise.
What is the procedure for immediate dental implants?
Immediate Dental Implants are placed by 
-atraumatically removing the root stump/tooth from the bone with minimal damage to the adjacent bone. the efforts are always to preserve the bone surrounding the tooth. however, this may not be possible in all cases.
- after removal of the tooth the extraction socket is curreted to remove any pathological tissue which may be present.
- the next step involves preparation of the socket site by using varying size drills and dental implant is inserted.
- if there is a gap around the dental implant and the socket walls, bone graf is sued to fill the gap.
- a temporary crown may be given over the inserted implant depending on the clinical situation while the dental implant is inserted. Any amount of bone graft precludes the placement of temporaray crown as it may put the dental implant under undesired load. It is desirable to burry the dental implant within the gums especially when bone grafting has been done.
- In many cases a soft tissue graft may sometime be taken from the palate to ensure complete closure of the implant site.
- The implant site is entered after a few months once the implant has strongly bonded with the surrounding bone.
once this is achieved a permanent crown is fabricated.
Immediate Extraction Dental Implant
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