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   Dental Implant Versus Dental Bridge

         Many people come and ask me what is the difference between a bridge and an implant? after all they are getting a tooth replaced in both the cases, then why should one choose dental implants over bridge?

Here is your answer…

A dental bridge is made by replacing a tooth by taking support of the adjacent teeth (teeth which are present in front of missing teeth and teeth present behind the missing teeth). In doing so we have to cut the natural teeth and prepare it in such a manner that they can receive a crown/cap over it. Thus, a cap on front and back teeth connects the missing teeth and replacing the missing teeth.
In inserting Dental Implants , we do not prepare the adjacent teeth to receive any cap and thus we do not make them small, or cut them, thus we are conserving the natural tissue. however that’s not the main advantage the most important advantage of dental implants is it preserves the underlying bone. once the teeth are lost the bone which supports them is gradually lost which is not good.
Many times there are not teeth behind the missing teeth, in such cases dental bridge is not advisable as the total support will be taken from front teeth which will damage the front teeth. In such cases dental implants are the best choice.
Below is the Radiograph (x ray Image ) of how the Dental Implants are placed.

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