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What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is method of regaining the lost volume of bone, where a bone substitute (bone graft) is surgically placed in the desired area and allowed to replace the normal bone over a period of time.

Placement of dental implants especially in the aesthetic area requires presence of ideal bone volume and most of the time this ideal bone volume is not present.

The more the time elapsed after removal of bone the more bone loss is seen and hence the need to replace the bone for ideal placement of dental implants.

Research has shown that there is 25% decrease in volume of bone during the first year and a 40% to 60% decrease in width within the first 3 years after tooth loss.
                                                                                           BONE RESORPTION

Types of Bone grafts

Bone can be harvested from one’s own body (autogenous bone graft), from cadaver (allograft), from animals (xenografts) or from synthetic sources (Alloplastic bone graft). The choice is decided by the oral implantologist.

Bone grafts act by maintaining the space for the new bone formation, by providing growth factors which help new natural bone formation. Depending on the type of bone graft bone graft can be resorbable or non resorbable.

Collagen barrier membrane

Many times along with bone grafts a barrier membrane is used to prevent the ingress of soft tissue in to the new forming bone which otherwise would hamper the process of bone formation.

Time required for new bone formation

New bone formation can take 6 months to 12 months time depending on the site, type of defect and type of bone graft used.

Risks involved in bone grafting

Generally there is no risk involved in bone grafts as all grafts used are sterile and have been treated to get rid of any infectious organism from another source. Very rarely the graft can get infected while placement in such case pus can be seen in immediate post operative period. Such cases require removal of the entire graft material, curettage (proper cleaning) and re-grafting with systemic antibiotic therapy.
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